Synthetic Sensors

Gierad Laput | Synthetic Sensors

Our high-speed sensors, namely the accelerometer, microphone, and EMI, powers a lot of the events that we’ve seen so far. These reults surprised us! Some take-aways: 1) high-speed sensing is a big win for instantaneous environmental events; accel wouldn’t be in this list if running at ~50Hz. 2) Manufacturers/researchers can use this knowledge to target their hardware for most “bang for the buck.“ 3) Infrequently used sensors are critical for some events (e.g. kettle boiling); to be truly general purpose, you need to support the long tail of exotic/edge cases. 4) Most of the events we studied were seconds-scale, and thus were biased towards our faster sensors. In contrast, hour/day/week-scale events (e.g. house insulation issue) are better suited to low-sampling sensors, which we didn’t focus.