James Bruton is in the process of multiple robotics projects. The device uses a three-finger design that would be ideal for gripping a variety roundish parts, and is held open by default with bungee cords attached to the outside like tendons.

Source: blog.hackster.io/james-brutons-force-controlled-robot-gripper-2b02407aa68b

James Bruton’s Force-Controlled Robot Gripper

In this project we present an approximation for the introduction of IoT devices to our clothes. These devices will be able to capture heart signals, calculate beats per minute, detect falls and possibly predict heart problems. All this with the aim of improving people’s quality of life. For this, we will rely on artificial intelligence tools and automatic learning, Bluetooth communications, WiFi and NFC.

Source: www.hackster.io/jarain78/smart-wear-for-application-in-internet-of-medical-thing-iom-a4ec76

Smart wear for application in Internet of medical thing (IoMT)