The device operates quite simply; using the Sony Spresense’s onboard GNSS module, it retrieves the current location of the individual and processes it in order to see if they are at a certain landmark on the map. If the user is at a marked location; the appropriate recording for the landmark will be played, briefly informing the client about the background to what they are seeing.

Source: www.hackster.io/LightPro/cityguide-0c4a63


GPS Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired People

A portable device that helps the Visually impaired people to travel places using GPS technology. The Latitude and Longitude is obtained from the embedded GNSS, thanks to the Sony’s Spresense Board which has an integrated GPS support. The input from the blind person is obtained using the Voice recognition module. The Audio signal is sampled and then computed. Depending on the place mentioned by the Visually challenged person, The Geo-Coordinates of the destination is extracted from the Google’s Firebase. Upon this comparison, the controller drives the voice playback unit for providing voice navigation to the user. Predefined voices are stored in the SD card as navigating commands to the blind persons. We can store the destination values for each voice of spoken command in the Firebase for recognizing the destinations. Ultrasonic sensor detects the obstacle in the way onto the destination, so that microcontroller gets it and alerts the visually impaired persons.

Source: www.hackster.io/rahulkhanna/gps-voice-assistant-for-visually-impaired-people-71caa9

GPS Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired People