The Smartcar, is a vehicular educational platform, which enables the user to develop various robotic applications in an affordable, pedagogic and easy way. It is intended for persons with basic programming knowledge and little to no experience of electronics, mechanics or robotics.

Source: https://platis.solutions

Getting Started with the Smartcar Platform

A suitable project for beginner, learn how to build an obstacle avoidance robot within 2 hours. No Arduino Language required.

Source: create.arduino.cc/projecthub/

Graphical Programming Obstacle Avoidance Robot

A sonar system by using graphical programming software Kittenblock, developed based on Scratch3.0

Source: create.arduino.cc/projecthub/

Graphical Programming Sonar Project

SonicDisc is designed to transmit the calculated distances to another unit, e.g. a microcontroller or a Raspberry Pi. It “talks” over the widely-adopted I2C bus. The communication protocol is outlined in the project’s README and in code comments. Briefly, SonicDisc, which joins the I2C bus as a slave, can receive the operational mode it should be in. Moreover, it will transmit, upon request, a 9 byte “packet” containing an error code and the measurements from each sensor. Furthermore, it will send a very short pulse (~3μsec long) over the “INT” pin to indicate a new set of data being ready for transmission. This saves the master device the trouble of continuously polling SonicDisc for new data.

Source: platis.solutions/blog/2017/08/27/sonicdisc-360-ultrasonic-scanner/

SonicDisc: A 360° ultrasonic scanner

PHPoC – Arduino Self Balancing Robot with BT+Web Control

The robot is developed based on the Dynamic Stabilization principle for its movement. It uses the MPU6050 precision gyroscope sensor to tell the tilt of the car body, and the Arduino UNO R3 to calculate the PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) parameters based on the data sent back by the MPU6050, thus keeping a dynamic balance of the car body by controlling the motors accordingly.

Source: www.hackster.io/gunjalsuyog/phpoc-arduino-self-balancing-robot-with-bt-web-control-0afab9

Arduino Self Balancing Robot with BT + Web Control

Smart Trash Can IoT System

Smarter way of Garbage Collection using "Smart Trash Can IoT System"

Overflowing garbage bins have been another cause of concern for residents in developing countries. With increase in population, the scenario of cleanliness with respect to garbage management is degrading tremendously. With the already prevailing diseases, the open containers are proving to be a breeding place for germs. Traditionally, municipalities operate on weekly routes to pick up trash and recyclables on designated days, regardless of whether the containers are full or not.

Source: www.hackster.io/alpha007/smart-trash-can-iot-system-0f9160

Smart Trash Can IoT System

Parking Radar Sensor

This project is about a DIY Parking Radar Sensor, it’s very easy to make, it’s based around the HC SR-04 Ultrasound sensor, I’m using 3 of them: One for each side and one for the middle, then 2 mini battery displays, that are actually made to show you the stat of the battery, but here I’m using it to show the distance between the sensors and the obstacles, depending on which side, also it depends on the maximum distance that you can set, above that distance it’s considered enough space always, below that the displays will change depending on that distance and its direction.

Source: www.hackster.io/SurtrTech/parking-radar-sensor-bf2269

Parking Radar Sensor